The Pressure To Get Married: When Can I Bring Out My Agbádá? [guest post]

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  • A Cup of CynTea☕️

    Really enjoyed reading this blog! It definitely felt like a response to my blog lol. I like how you gave examples of a toxic and a successful relationship comparing the Obama’s with Bobby and Whitney.
    Girls, the marriage pressure isn’t going to stop! But like you said Anu, we should use this time to live life by travelling, learning how to cook our traditional meals
    and doing things we enjoy lol.

    CynTea x

    • Anu

      Thank you so much for reading the blog CynTea. Can I just say I love your blog.

      Going forward, I really do think people should talk more about their pressures of things such as the topic in focus – it potentially can indirectly lead someone into depression. Particularly older women. I met someone yesterday actually; she said the only thing she has is her faith now. What about those who don’t believe?

      But yes, ladies and girls. Distract yourself with your hobbies and gifts. If you are thinking too hard about what your gifts and hobbies are – then its time to learn about yourself.

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