Nevis Local Election Stole The Caribbean Christmas [new blog]

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  • Tayo

    One of my ever posts was about Christmas abroad

    I’m quite traditional when it comes to Christmas and like spending it at home. I find hot Christmases weird, but who knows where life will take me!

  • Nicole Andrew

    Great post as per usual Dom!👍🏾

    I remember having similar feelings during my first Christmas in Dominica. Being so used to a cold or snowy December with decorations and santa grottos everywhere, it was weird seeing sun and not much else! I did grow to appreciate how the islanders celebrate a ‘true’ Christmas though, putting ‘Christ’ at the centre, being with family, sharing what little you have, and of course the partying here and there!

    Enjoy yourself hun!


    • Thank you 🙂

      It is a very different experience spending Christmas in the Caribbean. Due to the election, I haven’t experienced the ‘true’ Christmas that you describe unfortunately 🙁 it was really bad timing. However, the season is not over get 🙃

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