Nevisian local lingo

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  • Soroya

    I enjoyed the list. Probably the only thing that confused me was the use of the word “Persons” as it is a real word and is being used properly. I have never heard “Awbe” so that was educational. I always knew “Arby” or “Arwe”. Fun stuff!

    btw, if you tink Nevis lingo weird, a beg you come NY. LOL!

  • Chrissy

    Lolol cus… I love it… I actually thought some of these slangs was normal…. what you say in england to replace lime, trance, catch yourself and what’s up?

    • British people don’t say ‘lime’, but describe it as ‘going out’. ‘Trance’ is car (not many people drive jeeps etc.). ‘What’s up’ is a way of asking if something is wrong rather than a greeting.

  • Dee

    Ahhhhhhhh… I keep in contact with friends from St Kitts. One is coming over England this week. I said: ‘make sure you bring a coat’. They replied: ‘”what’s a coat?”.(Conversation can be difficult sometimes )

    • Haha! I heard that the English summer hasn’t been great weather wise this year. I actually looked at the coat that I came over with and thought to myself, I can’t imagine having to wear it again.

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