Attitude of Gratitude

Melanin Mind & Soul is a lifestyle blog where you can follow a black woman on the journey to bouncing back from a rough time, by letting go of fear and do all the things on the ever growing to-do list.

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  • Tez

    Gratitude has been on of the biggest lessons that I’ve learnt this year . Congrats ! you are absolutely doing the thing ?❤️✨

    • Thank you girl. When you stop and think of a list of things to be grateful for, you really learn to value what’s going well in life rather than focusing on the negative.

  • Yaaay! I got a mention. I’m loving the layout and it’s so phone friendly. So well done.

    • You’re welcome girl and thank you. I’m glad the new layout is phone friendly too as this is how most people view my content.

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