#DaddyDebates Music Football Fatherhood Asked Is The 9-5 Out Of Fashion? [Twitter Chat]


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  • The 5 to 9 Traveller

    I guess another reason 9-5 has fallen out of favour is that it can be so inflexible…I know that personally when I had my 9-5 that had flexi start/finish times that I was happier, it gives you more control over how you wanna work. Also there is a lack of loyalty from these companies that obe thinks why slug my guts for these people when the don’t really care for you?

    Equally social media has peddled the glamour of being an entrepreneur/work for yourself without showing the realities of the hardships. But I would rather try than not at all and there probably lies the difference in the new generation. I suspect at some point the 9-5 model will have to change for it to still be attractive.

    • I agree, the 9-5 isn’t always flexible although this is changing with flexible working hours and working from home. It does make a difference. Autonomy over our time should equal happiness. I value my time so much more now that I own it all and do not have to conform to any particular working hours. You are right that entrepreneurship can be glamourised. However, this can be said about a 9-5 where people appear to be happy but are not but grateful for a certain position or working in a certain company. Personal happiness and wellbeing should come first. As the saying goes, do something you love and never work a day in your life.

      What advice would you give to people who are thinking about giving up the 9-5? Especially as a traveller.

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