4 Key Things I Have Learnt From Attending Events [guest post]

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  • I really enjoyed this guest post, there was so much useful information. I totally started nodding along, you’re so right on the importance of finding your tribe xxx

    • I’m glad you enjoyed this post. I found the tips really useful too. Especially find your tribe. I am realising how important this really is when building friendships and relationships.

    • Saabirah

      Thankyou Tinuke! I’m so glad you liked it, forming friendships with people on your wavelength is so refreshing x

      • I agree. People can be so diverse, but when you find those who you click with and get you and you get them. That’s when magic starts to happen. My personality type is extrovert, so I feed off other people’s energy. So finding like minded people, helps me to flourish.

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